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Strabismus Surgery

Insight Eye clinic is skilled at performing strabismus surgery
for both adults and children.

The aim of the Strabismus Surgery is to tighten or loosen specific eye muscles required to realign the eyes. Occasionally alignment is not achieved with the first surgery and additional surgery is needed. The eye muscles are situated outside the eyeball and the procedure involves working on the white portion of the eyeball. Surgery is done under general anaesthesia in children and under local anaesthesia in adults.

Treatment does not stop with surgery. Glasses may have to be continued to maintain clarity of vision. Patching therapy may need to be continued for some time after the surgery. With early detection, accurate diagnosis and proper treatment; the prognosis with strabismus is excellent. Treatment before age 8-9 years and especially by 6 years of age gives the best results.

Surgical Technique During strabismus surgery the muscles that attach to the eyes are operated upon, and either weakened (recession, disinsertion or myotomy), tightened (resection/ Plication), or moved (transposition). An incision is made in the conjunctiva to get access to the muscles. Most sutures used in strabismus surgery are absorbable, and sutures generally do not require removal.

Possible Complications of Strabismus Surgery

With modern surgical techniques the risk of complications in strabismus surgery is very low. The most common problem that may occur is that there may still be a misalignment afterwards. This can happen around 10-20% of the time, depending on how complex the case is. Serious complications are rare, but may include:
• complications of general anaesthesia (around 1 in 240 000 )
• infection around the eye in the eye socket.
• Double vision can occur in older children and adults in around 30%, and is usually temporary.
• infection inside the eye (endophthalmitis) which may lead to blindness in the operated eye; the risk of endophthalmitis is estimated at around 1 in 30 000 strabismus procedures. & retinal detachment.

Recovery from Surgery Children having strabismus surgery can usually return to school or day-care within a few days. Regular Paracetamol or Ibuprofen is helpful for the first day or so, but if your child requires stronger pain relief you should contact Dr Jadhav It is normal for there to be redness and swelling at the surgical site, and this usually resolves over the next 2 – 3 weeks. You may take the next few days off work, but most people can return to work in less than 15 days.
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