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” Let Us Help You Protect Your Vision “

Your eyes are constantly changing. Even people who have never had vision problems in the past may begin to experience changes in their eyesight as they grow older. We offer a full range of eye care services to meet virtually any vision need for your entire family.


Insight Eye Clinic provides two distinct types of eye examinations. The Routine eye check up performed by an ophthalmologist, ensures that patients who wear Glasses and contact lenses experience the best vision, comfort and safety from their Glasses and contact lenses. A routine exam focuses on the refractive state and general health of the eye. This means ophthalmologist will check your eyes for refractive errors and it is centred on getting you perfect glasses or contact lens prescription to give you the best vision possible. Important measurements may be taken to determine correct lens type and design in order to provide proper vision correction, this is followed by analysis of the patient’s eye health and addressing you primary complaints for which you visited our clinic.

In a Comprehensive eye check up or a full medical eye health examination, an ophthalmologist checks for medical conditions that may threaten a patient’s vision or general health. During a full medical eye health exam the doctor tests eye pressure, alignment, movement and structures of the eye. Typically this exam includes dilation of the pupils to examine structures in the back of the eye. Once overall eye health is evaluated, a prescription may be written for corrective lenses.

We value your time and we make every effort to run on schedule. However, we occasionally have some emergency cases which may require a little more time, this might cause some delays. You should allow 60 to 90 minutes for your appointment and where possible arrange for someone to drive you. Please notify our staff if you have any concerns or have other appointments.

If you are unable to keep an appointment we would appreciate a notice few hours prior so that we can offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

Emergency eye care

Insight Eye Clinic treats emergency patients during regular business hours, even without appointments. An eye emergency is a condition that patient perceives is not life-threatening, but needs immediate attention. Medical treatment should be sought immediately in the event of an eye injury. Some of the signs and symptoms of an eye emergency which should be evaluated promptly include :

  • Sudden loss or distortion of vision.
  • Sudden development of double vision.
  • Onset of flashing lights or floaters.

Any ocular trauma that causes persistent redness and pain, loss of vision or involves a chemical exposure
Foreign Bodies Activities such as grinding metal or trimming tree branches can disperse particles that become lodged in the eye.

Trauma Projectile objects, such as a ball or finger, can cause a wide range of damage including corneal abrasion, bleeding in the eye and fracture of the orbital bone, rupture of the eyeball or retinal detachment.

Chemical Injuries can be devastating and commonly occur in laboratories or at home from accidental exposure to household cleaners, solvents or aerosol products.

Penetration of the Eye Broken glass or a similar sharp object in the eye usually results in violent trauma.

Burns amateur use of fireworks or explosives has the potential to cause serious injury. Immediate Treatment Whenever an eye injury occurs; certain steps must be taken in order to prevent serious damage and visual loss. If someone has been exposed to a harmful chemical, immediate irrigation of the eye with water is of utmost importance. If a blunt or penetrating injury of the eye occurs, manipulation of the eye should be avoided since further damage could be caused. A shield is placed over the eye. A pressure patch on the eye may be harmful after trauma and should be avoided.

Conditions requiring evaluation within a day or two

  • Redness and/or Discharge of the eyes
  • Blisters or lumps on the eyes
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Headaches
  • Foreign body sensation

Optical and contact lens dispensing

The Optical Shop at the Insight Eye Clinic maintains a reputation for providing high quality, professional and personalized service. Glasses say so much about your personality and the type of person you are! We take the time to work with you in picking up frames that complement your features and portray your unique image .Our experienced Optometrist and staff will work with you to ensure you receive eyewear that meet your needs and provides the best vision possible. Our Optical Shop is dedicated to providing you with the latest in quality eyewear. We will assist you in finding frames that fit your personal style and needs. We carry a large selection ranging from infants to adults.

People trust their eye care to the Insight Eye Clinic; therefore our optical laboratories routinely make complex, intricate and unique prescriptions. We carry an extensive selection of lenses featuring the latest in technology. We start with the right lenses to meet your needs.

Sometimes one pair of spectacles will do it all, but often one of your tasks or hobbies would be more enjoyable with specialized lenses.

Most lens styles can be made with Transitions®, polarization, the best anti-reflective coatings and the thinnest and lightest materials.